Oh yeah, one more thing...

If you have kiddos who will still be too little to voice their opinion re: Halloween costumes next year, be sure to hit the kiddie clothing stores Sunday/Monday for great-quality costumes at rock-bottom prices. Wow, guess my inner car salesman emerged there for a second!

I bought the girls' costumes at Gymboree the day after Halloween last year and paid $7.00 each, and this fall we have the cutest ballerina and butterfly on the block. :-)

And if your peanut still doesn't have a costume for tomorrow, some stores have already marked down their costumes considerably. We were at Children's Place yesterday and they had their infant costumes marked down to $6.99.

Just wanted to let you know. Hope your Halloween is spooktacular--sorry, had to stick that in there--and that your little gobblins have a great time!


jrobinson006 said...

As always they are the cutest babies in Loveland. They look adorable!

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