Handwriting is civilization's casual encephalogram. ~Lance Morrow

Kids should be taught how to print, because it’s all they’ll ever need if they find themselves without a cell phone to text on, or a keyboard to type with.

I'm pretty sure I had a stroke after reading that quote. Any statement that includes the phrase "...because it's all they'll ever need..." makes me immediately suspicious and fairly certain that the speaker/writer is, at best, shortsighted (though "idiot" seems a more appropriate description).

It saddens me to think that we're being stripped down to our most basic (and base) skills by the advancement of technology. Those abilities that make us uniquely and preciously human are being deemed irrelevant because they don't have an immediate application in the world of the keyboard? It seems we're reverting as a species in the name of progress.

No worries, I'm not preparing to move to the Montana wilderness so I can devote all my time to mailing bombs to ITT Tech students. I just wanted to share my lament. End rant here. :)

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