Hey, do us both a favor, don't get mad, huh?

If there's a kiddo in your life (or an adult-o, for that matter) who needs a constructive way to vent their frustrations, I may have found the ideal forum for doing so... the Incredible Hulk Smash Board Game! According to the manufacturer's description:

"It's dashin' smashin' outRAGEous fun! Get ready for a wild race through the streets of New York City! Make your own vehicles, then roll the dice to race them along the path. Stop your opponents by drawing cards that let you smash their vehicle flat! Keep making them, racing them and smashing them until somebody makes it out of the city to win!"

I feel like I've already won just by reading that,don't you?!? If my parents had known about this game when I was a kid, my brother could have smashed playdough game pieces when he lost, rather than putting on a sore-loser show that rivaled John McEnroe's greatest tantrums (sorry, Dave, but you know it's true).

Anyway, if you're interested, Kids.Woot.com has the Incredible Hulk Smash Board Game on sale for only $7.99 plus $5 shipping today--it retails on Amazon for $23.99 plus S&H, so this is a pretty darn good deal. But go now, 'cause once their inventory is gone, so is all the smashing fun.

And if he was standing in front of me right now, he'd be giving me that exact same look. :-)
Circa 1987-ish?


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