Anyone know where their Cabbage Patch Kid is? Tickle-Me Elmo? Furby?

So I guess these little guys aren't chock-full of toxic metaloids after all. If you know someone who is desperate for their own Mr. Squiggles this Christmas, has them today for $28.50 + $6 s/h. They've had Zhu Zhu Pets up for sale a few times in the past weeks, so if Mr. Squiggles doesn't do it for you, they might have a different critter available later in the week. Or they might not.

Oh, and don't forget, there's only 12 days 'til Christmas, 7 days 'til Hanukkah, 13 days 'til Kwanzaa and 9 days 'til the Winter Solstice! :-)


Jenni Mackey said...

My mom's still got my original CPK. I bought one last year for Jacob while I was still pregnant...he's still NIB and sitting on Jacob's dresser. I have a Tickle Me Elmo (the TMX one) also NIB in the closet. I bought it two years ago thinking I could make some money selling it on eBay, but never got around to it. David has a Furby at his parents house, but nobody ever wants to play with that annyoing thing!

As for the Zhu Zhu pet....well, I've got a mouse living under my sink that is probably a reasonable substitute for this holiday best seller!

Erin said...

I know Odelia Trixie (my CPK) is stashed away somewhere in my parents' house. Given how much trouble and expense they went through to get her, she should probably be encased in glass and displayed in a place of honor.

Flash forward 25 years--Mom found two contemporary CPK dolls, still in their boxes, at our church's rummage sale a year or two ago and bought them for the girls for about $10 total. My, what fickle tastes we have!

I'm still sure my stash of Beanie Babies is going to be worth something someday, though! ;-)

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