Have a burgeoning Julia Child or Alton Brown on your hands?

Kids.Woot.com has a beautiful KidKraft Play Kitchen - replete with dishes, silverware, pot and ladle, oven mitt and pot holder - on sale today for $89.99 + $5 s/h. O.K., so maybe your little Alton won't love the pastel color scheme, but at $95 shipped, you could afford a can or two of masculine-hued spray paint! See, you just have to think creatively sometimes - which is exactly what your peanut will be able to do with this super-cool, super-detailed, super-stocked, super scullery!


Happy Monday, everyone!

No, this isn't the KidKraft Kitchen, but given how much the girls enjoy playing with their 
Little Tikes galley (thanks again, Meg and Aunt Katie!!!), I can certainly see a
Pastel Cottage Kitchen in our future!


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